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Yay, daylight #DirtyWater in a game lasting just three hours (nice change!)#RedSox win 5-0 and take the series.Of…
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@mikegalsworthy : Just this picture alone beautifully portrays how our nation has descended into a Monty Python sketch. .
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Ah, so @BorisJohnson is as racist as Trump.That is not a good place to be.#NotMyPrimeMinister #Revoke #Remain…
@castlvillageman : Boris Johnson on Varadkar: ‘Why isn’t he called Murphy like all the rest of them’
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Yet "cruel and unusual punishment" is supposedly illegal...
@guardian : Florida city constantly plays Baby Shark to deter homeless from civic building .
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The very definition of insanity will be having this plonker as Prime Minister. #NotMyPrimeMinister
@AlexTaylorNews : Live : he's finally lost the plot. He is actually insane. 😱😱
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@justjamesdev @cryptolivy @APompliano @Prometheus_Cap Ah, an Edison man.
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@rafaelbehr But, iirc, it has always been the case that if a PM loses the confidence of the House (say through by-e…