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@FrasSmith "I signed when it was 122,056" for me. 🤔 #RevokeArticle50 #StopBrexit
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@rachelclarke Sadly she us following the guidance of Blair who ignored public opinion over Iraq. She will suffer a similar fate.
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@RhonddaBryant : So Jeremy Hunt thinks MPs have a special responsibility to back the gov't in a hung parliament! Surely it's the oth… .
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@doctordns @Theressa_may Frankly I think she'd walk away and not take any action, after all Parliament would have t…
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@wikimediapolicy : Before some language versions of Wikipedia go dark tonight to protest #Art13 of the new EU #CopyrightDirective, we… .
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@doctordns @Theressa_may He can call at any time, but if it were to pass we'd jump from pan to fire without an exti…