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If President Trump couldn't get his own Republican Party to fund a wall in the two years they controlled both house…
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@WillMcAvoyACN : @EButcher55 @WinksThinks As I suggested previously, there's a pretty clear link to the availability and affordabili… .
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@WillMcAvoyACN : @EButcher55 @WinksThinks Indeed. However, rampage shootings, i.e. mass murder by firearm in public spaces are incre… .
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@marcuschown : The thing about human rights is it protects humans. That means everybody who is a human. Not merely people Theresa May decides are human
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@losgallman : @BorisJohnson You had your chance .... you personally walked away and tour mates ballsed it up.Oh - and don't forg… .
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It's like the media aren't interested in accuracy but just want to attack Labour.
@ThomasPride : Truth about antisemitism.According to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, anti-semitism is higher in @UKIP,… .
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@Whitmore03David @RAIL Damn right.