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Are YOU too frightened to debate others? Do YOU need help sticking to your plans? Vote #MayInJune to show you hav…
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Damn. I thought it was a 1 o'clock game but it is. Just CT not ET 😠 #RedSox
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@imajsaclaimant : The BBC refused to play the music this video is based on, despite reaching 10 in the charts. Buy it now!… .
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@LADFLEG : Not since the height of the Drumcree standoff has there been a more awkward meeting between a catholic leader & an… .
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@lesbonner : RT @EUflagmafia: Who do you want for foreign secretary? A respected politician, or Bojo the clown? .
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If Theresa May won't even debate with other Party leaders what evidence is there that she could ever negotiate with Europe? #None #Failure
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@tef_ebooks : it turns out the two hardest problems in computer science are paying women the same amount of money and showing posts in chronological order
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