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Also blame the millions of younger voters who didn't, er, vote. They let this happen just as much.
@guardian : Nostalgic elderly Brexiters have stolen my future .
Today at 9:53 »
When the rats leave the sinking ship that makes it lighter and less likely to sink. #Labour MPs leaving should #JustGO.
Today at 9:47 »
Yes. As Farage put it "unfinished business". There should have been a requirement for supermajority but wasn't.
@IainDale : To those Remainers demanding a second referendum, would you be agreeing to one if the circumstances were reversed and you had won by 4 pts?
Today at 9:45 »
“When I use a word,” Humpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” #Referendum
Today at 9:43 »
RT @JamieJBartlett :
@JamieJBartlett : 'Ten years' of news has fallen in the last 4 days, the most since records began'.
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Today at 9:42 »
Cameron has sent the UK into a pending civil war. At the moment it is a war of words, let us hope it doesn't get physical. Truly.
Today at 9:36 »
A man who dyes his hair wants to lead the UK, a man who buys his hair the USA. The world is a strange & scary place.
@MikeB_702 : @AlisonW You and us both sister.. Really sad how things turned out for you all. Things not looking so good here either i'm afraid..