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Absolutely, Yes.
@bbcquestiontime : The next question relates to the vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn #bbcqt
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When they say "eliminated" exactly what do they mean? Throw them in the sea? A detention centre?
@bbcquestiontime : What is the process for electing a Conservative party leader? #bbcqt .
Yesterday at 22:28 »
RT @owenblacker : He's still going. If you want to know about the outright evil shower of shits running to be PM, read on.
@TheAuracl3: Finally, we come to Theresa May. Beelzebub's mother-in-law. Current Home Secretary to the UK and Harbinger of Doom. .
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Yesterday at 22:27 »
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@TheAuracl3 : She's so insufferably racist that she sent in an immigration raid to an Indian restaurant that *she* opened.
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@MurbsSox Sometimes there might actually be an advantage to separation of powers between House and Executive
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@MurbsSox Oh yes. This is actually an election for a party leader who will automatically become Prime Minister. Single party MPs select.