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Oh dear. The problem of refreshing Twitter when your #RedSoxgame feed is running delayed😞
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#NotADenial :O
@RealMattLucas : I have now received several thousand tweets of this nature. .
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Would the UK _really_ want a 'Hunt' for a PM?
@pulsetoday : TOP story: Jeremy Hunt launches possible bid to become Prime Minister . #GPnews #EUref
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RT @BorisOwes :
@BorisOwes : As of 1:00am, 29th June 2016, @BorisJohnson owes our NHS £230.5 million.
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Welcome @clarercgp !
@cllrkemp : Delighted that Clare Gerada former Chair of the Royal College of GPs has left Labour and joined Lib Dems
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The voters of Great Britain were sold a poke in a pig. Did i get that right?🐷🐷🐷🐖
Yesterday at 23:56 »
RT @tara_mulholland :
@tara_mulholland : Call me old-fashioned, but I find this kind of language from an elected official on the winning side quite saddening .
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