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Today at 04:18 »
@MurbsSox Yeah, got real scared for his hand there!
Today at 04:16 »
Well that game sucked. #RedSox really need to do something about loading the bases and getting nothing urgently. Happens way too often :'(
Today at 01:34 »
And ... yes ... Rookie Better comes to the plate ... AND HOMERS TO LEAD OFF AGAIN!! Go Mookie! Go #RedSox ⚾💨
Today at 00:04 »
At 1pm idiot U-turns right in front of me, causing me to crash into him. Mine's a write-off :-( Bought replacement at 6pm ;-) What a day :O
Yesterday at 11:15 »
The boy's a plonker! should save everyone the aggravation and do a Leadsom. Let Labour attack Tories not each other!
@LabourEoin : 19 second video: Owen Smith makes the case to replace Zero Hour Contracts. This is a must see folks. .
On Friday at 22:56 »
RT @dannykellywords :
@dannykellywords : Good job David Bowie was cremated. Saved himself a lot of spinning in his grave. #proms
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On Friday at 22:55 »
I would say "The good, the bad, and the ugly" but none of them are any good whatsoever!
@iyad_elbaghdadi : Alright. Caption contest.