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@NCSox (The worrying thing about that is that I could spell them without checking the spelling!)
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Give me the keys back NOW!
@Queen_Europe : That feeling when your boyfriend dumps you but thinks he can keep living in the flat for 6 months.
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When a friend turns against you because you say you don't want to be friends any more it is hardly a surprise if they then punish you. #EU
Today at 15:43 »
But sadly not at all a surprise.
@paulmasonnews : It is a disgrace that Johnson and Gove are not in the Commons today
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RT @PeterDavison5 :
@PeterDavison5 : Dear Boris, you lying, two faced, devious little shit. You scare-mongering xenophobic bigot. Go build your bridge - then jump off it.
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@NCSox Cholmondely Featherstonehawe.
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So many MPs demanding no loss of the benefits of EU membership. They are clearly brain dead and need replacing.