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@timfarron shouldn't that be 12 not 2?
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When you outsource everything you lose control. Tories in Barnet have let ideology destroy local public services.
@BarnetCouncil : We are aware of problems with voting registers at our polling stations. This being resolved. Please take voting cards with you.
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RT @aligoldsworthy :
@aligoldsworthy : Remember folks voting makes you sexy. Voting for some people makes you sexier than others however..
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My Twitter timeline this morning seems particularly full of advertising. At least it is faster to skip past ...
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And Clay gives up a two-run homer in the first. I waited up past 1am for this? Crazy. #RedSox
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So good, until font sizes were all defined in pixels instead of ems. #FAIL!
@elisabethirg : This post is all kinds of awesome on *why* styleguides and design systems. Everything I want us to be doing at work: .
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Good message, but people can stand in wards / councils they don't live in (so don't have a vote there) Not unusual.
@britainelects : Do remember to vote tomorrow, especially if you're standing.