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Today at 00:51 »
#RedSox getting plenty of hits tonight but failing to convert them into runs. :-(
Today at 00:10 »
@MurbsSox yeah, she bounces very well :-) but every fourth word??
Today at 00:9 »
So Aly Raisman's favourite word is INCREDIBLE ... #RedSox :-)
Yesterday at 23:58 »
Maybe Wright is trying the Dice-K plan for first inning pitching? Second was much better. Phew! #RedSox
Yesterday at 23:52 »
"#RedSox leave them loaded." AGAIN!!! WHEN WILL IT END??? GAHHHHH!!!!!
Yesterday at 23:29 »
Pray for rain at Fenway?
Yesterday at 23:25 »
Yeah, we are screwed tonight :-( ⚾💨 #RedSox