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On Tuesday at 23:14 »
@pinkberryoasis His voice wasn't what I expected though.
On Tuesday at 23:12 »
#RedSox Papi hopes to not say Mea Kulpa tonight. :O
On Tuesday at 23:02 »
@ZoiePalmer @dark_matterTV @ranthonylemke I liked seeing two of you together. Also slightly weird :-)
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On Tuesday at 22:56 »
RT @Peeterol : "Fraternité" is problematic
@Fou_Co: Liberté, Egalité, Racistité 🇫🇷
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On Tuesday at 22:47 »
@owenblacker @JonathanHaynes Has anyone explained why many other passengers were also sitting on floor though if there were seats available?
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On Tuesday at 13:01 »
RT @AlisonW :
@AlisonW : I quit @UKLabour when Blair became Leader. I could vote for a #JeremyCorbyn-led #Labour, but never if it was led by #OwenSmith
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On Tuesday at 9:22 »
"British Empire" huh? Talk about crazy people living in the distant past. THIS IS 2016, NOT 1896!
@HeatherWheeler : Now that's what I call winning!!! Well done Team GB & all our Commonwealth friends, now for the Trade Agreements....