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RT @ESA_Rosetta :
@ESA_Rosetta : "What’s this thing coming towards me…I wonder if it will be friends with me?!" #HHGTTG ;) #CometLanding images here: .
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The home service, the light programme, the third network. There, sorted.
@BBCArchive : #OTD 1967: BBC Radio got a shake up, as @BBCR1, @BBCRadio2, @BBCRadio3 and @BBCRadio4 all launched. Don't worry… .
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Interesting that so many are missing one of the major reasons to serve food in planes: to keep passengers in seats.
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RT @iyad_elbaghdadi : Send my greetings to that two state solution
@AnshelPfeffer: Netanyahu begins speech at #Peres funeral name-checking even the Grand-Duke of Luxembourg but doesn't mention Palestinian President Abbas.
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And there are people who actually *want* this guy in the situation room? Bye-bye America...
@jyarow : Roger Ailes tried to get Trump to focus on debate prep, Trump got bored, so Ailes just told stories about his life.… .
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If BA are going to behave like a low-cost airline then I'll treat them like the other low-cost airlines and never fly with them again. #fail
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@AdalahNY: BREAKING: Shimon Peres, architect of the Qana massacre, who offered nuclear arms to apartheid South Africa, has died .
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