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@NotWallyGM Yes. Next question? ;-)
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And #RedSox take the lead! 5-4 ⚾💨
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RT @MaggieJordanACN : But I have ZERO investments in Russia*takes eraser to tax return*
@realDonaldTrump: The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast live from MOSCOW, RUSSIA on November 9th. A big deal that will bring our countries together!
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@phantas 1000 miles gives you just a circle of that radius. 500 plus 500 more lets you reach any point between 500 and 1000 mile radius.
Yesterday at 23:41 »
@phantas Yes, but only in straight line which you needed to start along.
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@po8crg :-(
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@po8crg @_Snape_ Doesn't say finishing books is required...