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Yesterday at 22:24 »
@shephallmassive Yes. They don't need to replace Corbyn (which would be a major distraction) but they need to 'enthuse' more.
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Yesterday at 22:16 »
@Cavalorn scarily so.
Yesterday at 22:16 »
The #49percent now have an option, as do those in the 52% who feel they were misled. It doesn't have to be like this
Yesterday at 22:12 »
@Cavalorn Any particular turd?
Yesterday at 22:10 »
George has friends?
@jonmacqueen : MISSING - George is 45 and hasn't been seen since Thursday when he was separated from his friends. Please help.
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Yesterday at 22:06 »
RT @Busfield : Will political elitist Hillary Benn please leave. Labour members elected @jeremycorbyn just months ago
@MichaelRosenYes: Hilary Benn seeks shadow cabinet backing to oust Corbyn .
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Yesterday at 22:05 »
RT @joshualyman : I think Trump writes his own tweets. No staffer is that stupid.
@bradygibson: @joshualyman Worse job: Trump prompter operator, or Trump tweet writer? #JLQT
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