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@JoyousStudio @MLB I watched #MLBplus both nights (first one partly by accident, second by intention). Def worth watching in future.
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@MaggieJordanACN : Mississippi-state which passed harshest antiLGBT law to date,kills bill allowing domestic violence as grounds for divorceAssBackward Values
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It's either Trespass plus Criminal Damage, or it's Fair Comment. I'm for the latter ...
@MikeSegalov : hypothetically if one were to go round London defacing Vote 4 Zak Goldsmith posters in gardens with a sharpie would one be breaking the law?
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"Contested GOP convention leads to Sarah Palin as Republican nominee". Eep!!
@MaggieJordanACN : "Next year someone else will be standing here in this spot, and it's anyone's guess who she will be."~ @POTUS *she*
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Zac lies! Tories have already cut TfL budget by £700million! He hasn't protected it at all! #bbcsp
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Given the Tories didn't keep to the manifesto promises why should we ever believe Zac? Don't! #bbcsp
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@codepo8 : Our preference for women with large breasts and muscular men is exactly what would happen if aliens were breeding us for milk and meat.
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