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Today at 13:23 »
Petition for a 2nd EU Referendum now standing at 1,489,379 signatures.
Today at 13:22 »
Thursday's vote *is* still unfinished business. Too many people misled by leave camp lies to let result stand.
@imajsaclaimant : From May 2016... Nigel Farage wants second referendum if Remain campaign scrapes narrow win .
Today at 13:20 »
The need for CE certification won't change if you want to sell to remaining EU countries or demonstrate your quality @mpesce @iotwatch
Today at 12:22 »
1,339,338 signatures and still rising.
Today at 12:06 »
I recall a question on UKcupid about whether you'd like to live though nuclear war. I feel we are about to find out something like that :-(
Today at 11:59 »
Theresa May might unify the Tory party, but she can NEVER unify the country. #StopTheSnooping
@guardian : Theresa May emerges as 'Stop Boris' Tory leadership candidate .
Today at 11:56 »
(2/2) >> so is there any option for a Judicial Review on the grounds of such lying to the British public? "POLITICAL" LIES ARE STILL LIES!