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Today at 11:03 »
Seems @virginmedia think I'm some sort of cash cow - just announced an 8% rise in charges. Clearly it's time to check out the alternatives.
Yesterday at 21:15 »
@AislinnW Damn MLBtv cut before we saw any dancing :'(
Yesterday at 21:13 »
Yesterday at 21:12 »
THE TROP IS FULL OF DIRTY WATAH!!!!!!!! #RedSox show wonderful pitching, @15Lasershow shows wonderful dancing, WHAT A GAME!!! :-) #6ToGo
Yesterday at 20:53 »
Only argument which might succeed on that call at home plate was that Pedey was out of the baseline? Was really fun to watch though! #RedSox
Yesterday at 20:51 »
Rays got sore and demanded review ... but PEDEY STILL SAFE!!!!! #RedSox take lead after dancing at the plate!