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Today at 21:30 »
Just shows why 'wins' for a pitcher is a stupid stat. Bad pitching can lose a game, good can't win alone.
@ac_macd : Be honest. Who had Clay Buchholz being the winning pitcher? #RedSox
Today at 21:28 »
High Five Koji!!! ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾💨 👏👏 🙌 #RedSox win! Dirty watch in Toronto!
Today at 21:26 »
Not going to refresh Twitter until I see end of inning as timeline running ahead of game feed ...
Today at 21:22 »
And so it starts ...
@brianmacp : Perhaps, but probably not. Uehara has warmed up already -- and if the game gets extended, then they're in trouble. .
Today at 21:22 »
All down to Koji now ... ⚾💨 #RedSox 5-3
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Today at 20:17 »
Clay will save us! #RedSox(ps. joke. irony. nononononooooooo!)
@shelf_life64 : Yet another lead blown by this useless #RedSox bullpen it's becoming a recurring theme😡
Today at 20:15 »
If Farrell getting Koji and Clay up in the pen is supposed to create confidence HE IS FAILING! #RedSox tied game into ninth ...