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Yesterday at 19:31 »
There _was_ a point in this game I was dreading it going like the last two days. Then Dustin happened, and the team just kept going! #RedSox
Yesterday at 16:11 »
@sawilcox28 @clairington OK, just watched first five minutes of first episode (the pre-credits). OMG - NOT at all what I was expecting. Woo!
Yesterday at 14:04 »
wow ... :-)
@WevolverApp : Commercially-available NanoTritium battery can power microelectronics for 20+ years .
Yesterday at 11:28 »
If you have to ask the question ... :O
@Rachael_Swindon : This is something quite beautiful. She's not sure whether she's Labour or Tory.Close the door on the way out.
Yesterday at 11:25 »
If Mugabe came here other than as a state representative he could then be arrested ...
@Rachael_Swindon : Sources suggest Jeremy Corbyn wants to give Robert Mugabe the Freedom of Bognor Regis according to a letter with 172 signatures on.
Yesterday at 10:35 »
The are good points in the @MoreUnitedUK idea, but the published ethos so far doesn't go far enough to make a real difference.
Yesterday at 10:00 »
RT @AlecMuffett :
@AlecMuffett : Must-Read story on security reporting and on escrow issues:
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