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@RozKaveney : Seriously. Given the combination of infotainment and shilling for the Tories which is the BBC now, we should never go on radio or TV again.
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The Nazis were, of course, a nasty group following an unacceptable ethos, but the Haavara agreement existed:
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@RozKaveney : Meanwhile Zac Goldsmith runs an explicitly anti-Muslim campaign with impunity.
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Today at 18:24 »
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@RozKaveney : It would of course be utterly wrong to see timing of the 'Labour has an anti-Semitism problem' as covering up the Tory Islamophobia problem
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Today at 18:23 »
2/2 like what he said, but it isn't a cause for rejecting him. History is full of bad ideas, bad people, and bad decisions. But this is now.
Today at 18:22 »
1/2 If I was a member of @UKLabour I'd be disgusted with them. @ken4london made a statement of historic *fact* not opinion. You may not >>
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Two losers don't make a winner. #GOP
@Channel4News : Carly Fiorina has just been named U.S. presidential hopeful Ted Cruz's running mate