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(and no, I do not encourage nor endorse anyone who might choose to do such a thing as I commented upon in my previous tweet)
Today at 17:24 »
I'm not a violent person and I can't punch for toffee but I'd sure like to punch the living daylights out of Farage right now. #RIPuk #The48
Today at 17:21 »
RT @GHNeale :
@GHNeale : @19sjm88 "Farage, ... insisted Ukip was committed to a health service that was free at the point of delivery." BUT: .
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Today at 17:19 »
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@NataliaComms : Too moving for words. #London's musicians gather at Trafalgar Square to perform the Anthem of Europe 🇪🇺❤️#StrongerIN .
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Today at 17:18 »
RT @benosteen :
@benosteen : "Making the best of it" is like telling someone with actual depression to "cheer up". Does fuck all to sort out the issue.
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Today at 17:17 »
"Women's sport - it's all about their bodies, not their skills".
@espn : Don't miss USWNT's @ChristenPress on the cover of the #BodyIssue. The mag arrives July 6. .
Today at 16:44 »
@clarercgp Art 50 can only be triggered by UK PM (not parliament). Parliament can call early GE if all MPs agree, not PM alone.