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RT @DebbieDavies :
@DebbieDavies : On the 253 bus to Hackey this is stuck to the window .
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RT @adriandaub : Well, it's not like the UK is ruled by blonde, incestuous bast... oh. #GameofThrones
@RozKaveney: People have said that right now no one in the UK is entitled to mock US politics. This morning we're not entitled to mock fucking Westeros.
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@__fc @TomCaron (has to have a think) Yes. We tend to associate plurals correctly. Sometimes we'll use both though depending on context
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Film of multiple Darwin award winners.
@HoldThisBeer : Hold my beer while I give this chimpanzee an AK47
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@PaulEmbery : I would urge the Labour-affiliated unions to call a lobby of the next meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party. #DefendCorbyn @MattWrack
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This is a truth many of us held to be self-evident. Except the media, apparently.
@rhys_isterix : Regardless, the one thing the British people are quickly going to learn is that democracy is not always democratic #Brexit
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But then Americans go and create words ('verbiage'?) so don't actually speak 'English' in the first place! :-P
@TomCaron : Agreed, and I wouldn't use that language in any other sport. It is the correct verbiage when it comes to soccer. .