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Today at 00:56 »
Definitely enjoying #MLBplus. Different camera angles, knowledgeable discussion, interesting stats. London England approves! ⚾💨 #RedSox
Yesterday at 16:48 »
Tories trying to play race card in London mayoral elections. Such nasty, unacceptable behaviour. Reject Zac!
Yesterday at 14:11 »
When you raise the bar some will try to slip under it instead of aim to exceed it.
Yesterday at 9:41 »
@edent btdtgtts and decided filename only sensible if contains meaning, ie. not random-ish reference code.
Yesterday at 9:38 »
RT @stacyherbert :
@stacyherbert : Apparently, the most important story in UK this week is Ken Livingstone. Not Hillsborough, not BHS, not junior doctors strike, not Blairmore
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Yesterday at 00:53 »
Flicked over to @MLBPlus as probs on usual feed. Interesting watching from the different angle. Think I now need two screens ;-) ⚾⚾💨
On Friday at 23:40 »
#RedSox really *must* try @BrockStar4Lyf from the rubber sometime :-)
@PeteAbe : Owens fastballs thus far: 84-86-86-85-87-85-88-86-87-88-87-88. Brock Holt’s throw to the plate from LF: 93.